You can complete any of these tasks sooner, but we recommend at least following this schedule so you don't get too overwhelmed!


Already overwhelmed?  Focus on large, bulky items to get out of your basement first (swings, large toys, jumpers, etc). 


2 months before sale

Register for the sale!

Start a pile with empty bins in your basement or spare room.  Mark the sides of any plastic bins with your name and seller number.

As you see toys, books or clothes that your child(ren) has outgrown, put them in the bins!  It's that easy.

5 weeks before sale


Collect your supplies:  plastic hangers, safety pins, large ziploc bags, clear packing tape and make sure you have plain white paper and black ink for your printer.  Another helpful item to have on hand is Glad Press n' Seal.  Also, check items that need batteries and make sure they are working.  If not, replace them.

Double check the lists of items wanted and not accepted (particularly for clothing and shoe sizes).  Check all clothes for stains and tears.  Wash anything that needs it - obviously clothes, but also wipe down anything plastic. 

3 weeks before sale

Group books by age, theme or character and put in Ziploc bags.  Secure shoes together or put each pair in Ziploc bags. 


Put clothing on plastic hangers with the hook pointing to the left like a question mark. (No wire hangers accepted) Make outfits if you want, securing all pieces of clothing together with safety pins.

Sort your items by type and clothing by gender and size.  If you really want tagging to go fast, sort within each group by price.

2 weeks before sale


You're ready to tag! 


Log-in to the online system and work through one group of similar items at a time.  Please make sure you are tagging in the correct category. For instance, category: girls clothing-  size 2T.  This way, you won't have to change the item description from item to item.  And, you can utilize the "quantity" button to make multiple (identical) tags at once for something like 5 different bags of board books or 3 different girls size 2T tops priced at $2 each.  (Just keep in mind that the more detail you put on your tags, the more sense your seller report will make to you later.)

At the end of each batch, click "print all unprinted tags" and secure them to your items with safety pins or clear packing tape (see the creating and printing tags tutorial on the right side of this page for help).  Place items by sorted group in your bins.  You are ready for drop-off!

1 week before sale


Finish up any tagging that has to be done! 

Bring your items to drop-off on Thursday from 12:00 pm - 7:00 pm.  If you have a table we can use, please bring with you at check-in with your name and seller ID. Double check that you can get over to the sellers-only pre-sale Friday evening at 6:30 pm!

Day of sale


Log-in to see your sales at the conclusion of the sale. 


Two-Three Weeks After the Sale

Look for your check and tax letter in the mail!