The first time you log-in for the next sale, you'll need to move some of your unsold items from "inactive" to "active" status. 


  1. Log-In to the online system

  2. Click "Work With Consigned Inventory"

  3. Click "Work with Inactive Inventory"

  4. Your sold items and those that were donated have already been removed from your inventory.

  5. You'll need to check off which items you wish to make active for the upcoming sale.
    Remember to only re-activate items suitable for our spring/summer sale
    (see our "Items Wanted" and "Items NOT Accepted" lists HERE). 
    Then, click "Make SELECTED Inventory ACTIVE For Upcoming Sale."


  6. If you edit tags for the next sale, you'll need to reprint them and attach to your items.
    if you do not edit tags, then you're good to go with the old ones!