How to Also Sell in the CLG MOPS Sale

It is with great excitement that South Windsor MOMS Club​ announces that we have affiliated our SWMOMS Consignment Sale with the CLG MOPS Consignment Sale of Manchester. 



CLG MOPS (Mothers of Preschoolers) and MOMSNext (for moms of school-aged children Kindergarten through High School) are community groups of mothers from the Hartford/Manchester/Vernon area who meet at Church of the Living God in Manchester.  Their semi-annual sale was founded in 2008.  Information about CLG MOPS and their sale can be found at



What this Means to Consigners

With these two sales affiliated, a consigner may sell in BOTH sales WITHOUT having to retag any of their items!  You will still register with each individual organization and be subject to any of their fees, percentages, guidelines etc.  The affiliation benefit only applies to the “behind the scenes” management of your tags.  If you wish to sell in both, you simply will transfer your inventory to the other sale and all of your tags will be good to go;  no re-creating or printing tags. 


Sale Details







Benefits of and Information about Selling in Both Sales

  • Unless you want to change and reprint all of your tags between the two sales, you will want to mark DISCOUNT but NO to donate on your tags.  However you choose to mark your tags, they will be this way for both sales.

  • We RECOMMEND that you DISCOUNT most or all of your items.  Marking items for discount will mean that they will be discounted at BOTH sales. 

  • You will want to NOT mark items for donation if you wish for unsold items to be sold in the CLG MOPS sale.  This is because you’ll want to pick up any unsold items after the SWMOMS sale and then drop them off at the CLG MOPS sale. 

  • After the first sale, you will transfer (unsold) inventory in the system to the other sale.  Unless you choose to change the price or other information on a tag, you will NOT have to alter your tags or reprint them.

  • This gives you the opportunity to add more items to your inventory before the second sale – that bin you forgot in the basement or a bookshelf you never got around to going through!

  • The biggest benefit to you is that you will expose your items to more potential buyers! 


I’m Interested, What Do I Do Next?


If you are:

  • A brand new seller to both sales: Register with the SWMOMS sale and get a seller ID#. 

    Then, contact the CLG MOPS sale and register with them, providing your seller ID#.

  • Already have a seller ID# with SWMOMS, but not with CLG MOPS:
    When contacting CLG MOPS to register, tell them your existing seller ID#.

  • Already have a seller ID# with CLG MOPS, but not SWMOMS:
    After registering with the SWMOMS sale, send an email to with your CLG MOPS seller ID# and it’ll be changed in the SWMOMS side of the system for you.  You’ll need to transfer any CLG MOPS inventory to the SWMOMS sale.

  • Have a seller ID# with both sales already (and they are different):
    Determine which seller ID# (which sale) has more inventory.  Contact the other sale and request that your seller ID# be changed to reflect the account with more inventory. 


I'm Ready to Transfer my Inventory!

Simply log-in to the account you want to transfer inventory OUT of, and click "Transfer Inventory to Affiliated Sale."  Fill out the info and voila!