Indian Valley YMCA receives $1,000 Grant Donation from the South Windsor MOMS Club

Ellington, CT — November 13, 2019


In a continuing effort to positively impact their community, South Windsor MOMS Club met with Dave Corricelli, a representative from the Indian Valley YMCA for a check presentation of $1,000. This grant will provide four memberships to mothers or children whose lives have been impacted by cancer to participate in the YMCA’s Livestrong Program. The MOMS Club, which stands for Moms Offering Moms Support, completes a minimum of one service project per year and utilizes proceeds to benefit moms and children in need within their community. The group is comprised of moms from South Windsor, Windsor, Windsor Locks, and East Windsor.


Pictured (left to right)

(Back Row) Erica Evans-Administrative VP, Claudia Schumann-President, Phoebe Evans, Meredith Roche, Veronica Leake, Dave Corricelli

(Front Row) Tanner Evans, Alexander Schumann, Adam Roche, Greyson Evans, Addison Schumann, Natalie Leake, Genevieve Leake

Grant awarded to Northwest Park & Nature Center in the amount of $2,500

Windsor, CT — December 5, 2019


The South Windsor MOMS Club (that also includes moms from East Windsor, Windsor, and Windsor Locks) is thrilled to announce the grant awarded today to Northwest Park & Nature Center in the amount of $2,500 for equipment inside their Maple Sugar House! We can’t wait to see this new equipment put to use in the coming months.


Pictured (left to right)

Chuck Drake, Peter D’Ambrosio, Caitlin Dowd D’Ambrosio , Claudia Pintaldi Schumann, Cathy Sulieman, Veronica Gilpin Leake, Natalie Leake, Aurora Hudson, LaRhae N. Hudson, Lisa Bress, Erica Evans, & Phoebe Evans

sw food.jpg

South Windsor Food & Fuel receives $500 donatio from the South Windsor MOMS Club

Pictured (Left to right)

Aurora Hudson, LaRhae N. HudsonClaudia Pintaldi Schumann, Phoebe Evans, Erica Evans, Tanner Evans, Saoirse Guarnieri, Julianne Guarnieri, Addison Schumann, Veronica Gilpin Leake, and Andrea Confrancesco.

South Windsor, CT — January 21, 2020


The South Windsor MOMS Club is happy to announce their $500 donation to the South Windsor Food & Fuel Bank. Also, donated are winter clothing items collection by the Pleasant Valley Elementary School Student Council.

ymca farmington.jpg

Farmington Valley YMCA receives $1,000 Grant Donation from the South Windsor MOMS Club

Farmington, CT — January 24, 2020


The South Windsor MOMS Club is thrilled to be able to announce a $1,000 donation to the Farmington Valley YMCA to assist in the cost of swim lessons for those who are not able to otherwise afford it. This is what we are about, helping our community of moms and the communities in which we live.

A number of local charities receive donations from South Windsor MOMS Club to help families with young children affected by COVID-19 pandemic

South Windsor, CT — April 13, 2020

In an effort to positively impact families, especially those with young children, affected by the COVID-19 pandemic, we have following donations made to local charities: 


$2000 to South Windsor Food & Fuel Bank

$2000 to Windsor Food Bank

$750 to East Windsor Fuel Bank

$250 to East Windsor Food Bank - Five Corners

$1000 to Windsor Locks Food Bank

$1000 to My Sister's Place

$1000 to Interval House

South Windsor MOMS Club to honor our commitment to the donation to Wood Memorial Library's Nowashe Preschool Program

South Windsor, CT — April 15, 2020

Despite our inability to hold our Jack Be Numble 5K & Itsy Bitsy Spider Kids 100-Yard Dash event on 5/17/2020 due to COVOD-19, we are proud to honor our commitment to the Wood memorial Library's Nowashe Preschool Program Development with a grant donation of $500 

South Windsor MOMS Club announces donations to 2 organizations

South Windsor, CT — May 29, 2020


The South Windsor MOMS Club is proud to announce donations in the amount of $2000 to each of the following organizations:​

Hartford Area Habitat for Humanity

Connecticut Children's Medical Center Foundation

The grant funds are requested to be used to directly benefit mothers and children within South Windsor, East Windsor, Windsor, and Windsor Locks communities.

Donation to South Windsor Packs & Recreation  in the amount of $2,500

South Windsor, CT — June 8, 2021


The South Windsor MOMS Club is excited to announce a donation in the amount of $2,000 to South Windsor Parks & Recreation for the upcoming Power of Produce at South Windsor Farmers Market! Our members can’t wait to participate and see this program in action with the community.