Q:  What does "consignment" mean?

A:  Consignment means that our sellers drop-off their items to South Windsor MOMS Club and we do the selling (and marketing) for them.  Sellers retain a percentage of their sales revenue. The proceeds are donated to charity.


Q:  What's in it for me as a seller?

A:  You’ll make 65% in cash of the proceeds of your items that are sold. Sellers who volunteer at our sale will receive 75% of their proceeds. (Shifts are limited and fill quickly, register early if interested).  Sellers are also eligible to write-off the percent value of the sale proceeds of your items donated to charity.  Last but not least, sellers are eligible to write-off the value of any unsold items that you choose to donate at the end of the sale.  Best of all?  Less stuff crowding your house AND the knowledge that you helped a South Windsor organization that benefits children and families.  Also, we have many shoppers come through our sale who cannot afford to pay full retail price for clothes and gear, so know that your items may have helped a local family in need.  And check out our seller testimonials!


Q: Is selling a lot of work?
A: Well, we think it's a lot LESS work than dealing with tons of craigslist postings, meeting random strangers in parking lots, or sitting at the end of your driveway negotiating with someone over a nickel. Plus, you're likely to make more money than selling through a consignment retail store. Read through our selling checklist.  And check out our seller testimonials!


Q: Who prices my items?
A: You do! We have some pricing recommendations on our Pricing Guideline page.


Q: Do I have to be at the sale with my items?
A: No. Simply drop-off your items and that's it. In fact, you can also choose to have all of your unsold items donated at the end of the sale, so you don't have to come back at all (except to shop, of course!). Read more about selling here.


Q: Do I have to volunteer at the consignment sale?

A: No. But… Our sale cannot operate without MOMs club and seller volunteers. We HIGHLY ENCOURAGE all consigners to sign up for at least ONE volunteer shift. Without our volunteers, the consignment sale would not be possible.

Q: Do I have to live in South Windsor or be a member of the MOMS Club to be a seller?

A: No. We have sellers from all over the area, including as far away as Middletown and East Longmeadow, MA.


Q: What does the MOMS Club make on the sale?

A: Nothing! The sale proceeds are donated to a South Windsor organization to benefit children and families. Everyone you see working at our sale is a volunteer. South Windsor MOMS Club is just one chapter of an international nonprofit organization. We are the ONLY nonprofit organization running a children's consignment sale in South Windsor.


Q: What are the seller participation fee ($7) and public presale entry fee ($7) used for?

A: These fees cover the sale's expenses, including rental fees, sale software license, event insurance, marketing and investments like racks and plastic bins. If the fees collected exceed our expenses, then we donate the rest to charity.


Q:  Do you accept credit cards at the sale? 

A:  We accept VISA, Mastercard, AMEX and Discover. 


Q:  How established is your sale?

A:  This is our 26th semi-annual sale since 2006!  Many of our sellers have been selling with us for years.


Q:  Can I sell in any other local consignment sales too?

A:  Our sale is affiliated with the MOPS Sale at Church of the Living God in Manchester, CT.  This means that you can sell in both sales under the same seller ID# without having to recreate or reprint tags on your items.  Read more on how to sell in both sales on our Seller Info page.